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Vinerobot tested by Les Vignerons de Buzet

  • 24.07.14 // Vinerobot tested by Les Vignerons de Buzet

    Vignerons de Buzet is part of a European project to design an autonomous robot. The Vinerobot will be able to analyse the quality of grape bunches and assess the yield in the vineyard. A demonstration of the first prototype of the robot was held at 11am on Tuesday 22 July at Domaine de Gueyze.


    The aim of the VineRobot project is to design, develop and roll out a driverless robot for farming. Eight partners (5 SMEs and 3 technology R&D organisations) from 4 European countries (France, Germany, Italy and Spain) are working on it together.


    The robot will be used to monitor factors such as vineyard yields, vegetative growth and water conditions.

    VineRobot has been granted European Union funding of over two million euros for research, technological development and demonstration of the project.

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