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Questions about your order
  • Why do I need to provide a telephone number?
    Your order is delivered by a carrier. The latter will contact you by telephone to arrange a time for your delivery.
Questions about Les Vignerons de Buzet
  • Is your sulphite-free wine really sulphite-free?
    We do not add sulphites in the process of vinifying our wines “with no added sulphites”. According to regulations, we can state "with no added sulphites" because the wine contains less than 10mg / l of sulphites. The wine does, however, contain some sulphites as SO2 is created naturally in the wine during alcoholic fermentation. All wines therefore contain sulphites, but only small traces in the case of wines with no added sulphites.
  • Do you use chemical treatments in your vineyards?
    As little as possible, only if necessary or compulsory, and at the right dose, at the right time, using products with the least harmful molecules. By putting alternative growing practices in place, we have already succeeded in reducing the use of certain products widely used in viticulture, and even in totally eliminating them. This approach is for the long-term: we do not wish to take our wine growers down a dead end. We test the effectiveness and viability (including the economic viability) of alternative solutions before applying them to our 1,870 hectares of vineyards. We are 188 wine growers committed to moving head, all together, in the same direction. This is the essence of our cooperative enterprise.
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