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From the very beginning, the pioneers who created Les Vignerons de Buzet winery wanted to handle everything themselves: the viticulture, vinification, storage and sale of the wines produced.

Les Vignerons de Buzet is the union of know-how, the sharing of resources and the sharing of human and technical expertise and experience, in order to create a quality wine, a good, “clean” wine.

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Wine growers

Les Vignerons de Buzet is made up of 188 wine growers who work more than 1,870 hectares of vines.  They grow the Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grape varieties for the red wines and the Sémillon and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties for whites.

The wine growers carefully tend their vines, from the first buds in the spring to the start of the harvest in autumn, keeping a close eye on the flowering in June and the véraison (start of ripening) in August. They work hard to produce top quality grapes, grown with the greatest respect for the environment and for biodiversity.


Les Vignerons de Buzet vineyard managers are agricultural engineers.  They keep a close eye on the vines. They provide the wine growers with advice, training and technical monitoring. They control the vineyards’ and the grapes’ quality development throughout the year. They gauge the maturity of the grapes plot by plot and determine the harvest dates. This requires great technical prowess, coupled with great responsibility, because our vineyard managers have to be responsive! Once ripe, the grape should not be kept waiting!

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Oenologistscompose” our wines from the best juices, like a perfumer would a perfume. Once the grapes have been brought into the winery, the vinification, followed by the ageing of the wine in the cellars, commences. The important stages of maceration and fermentation take place from the autumn through to the spring. Our higher quality wines (red and white in particular) finish their ageing in our barrel cellars. Here, the oenologists continue their work, carrying out the important operations of racking and stirring the lees.


We sell 12 million 75cl equivalent bottles per year. Wine remains a fragile product, even when vinified and ready to be bottled. It should be protected, especially against its worst enemy - oxygen. Even greater care and attention is taken when it comes to a wine with no added sulphites. Everything is important - the type of bottle, cork quality, type of storage, etc. Our bottling line is fitted with the latest technological innovations, which allows us to guarantee the quality of our wines.

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