Les Vignerons de Buzet - Our History

Les Vignerons de Buzet venture was created in 1953, by a group of men and women who decided to combine forces.  They together founded a wine cooperative in order to regain their independence and revive a very old wine producing area, which was struggling at the time. We have since come a long way. The achievement of Buzet Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status in 1973 was an important milestone. Les Vignerons de Buzet cooperative is now a leading winery in the Southwest of France.  Our Buzet AOC red, white and rosé wines are available in France and around the world.  For over ten years, we have been committed to a wine growing that respects both man and nature.

vignerons Buzet cave inauguration


The Buzet wine growers, led by Jean Dassart, a leading figure in the Buzet wine community, decided to work together. They set up a Buzet wine “defense committee”, determined to regain control of their own destiny and restore their wines to their former glory.


The creation of Les Vignerons de Buzet wine cooperative. Marcel Combabessouse was its first president. 3 vice-presidents were also elected: Jean-Paul Bitaube, Jean Dassart and Paul Laffargue.

Vignerons de Buzet Marcel Combabessouse
vignerons Buzet AOC fête 1973


This was an important date in the history of Les Vignerons de Buzet! As a result of the wine cooperative’s lobbying, the “Côtes de Buzet” AOC was created and the cooperative’s wines were able to adopt this AOC. The AOC was renamed “Buzet” in 1986.


Our first AgriConfiance certification. We were one of the first French wine cooperatives to commit to a quality management procedure for agricultural production, adopting an environmentally-friendly approach and the national standards backed up by independent certification bodies

vignerons Buzet vignoble coucher soleil

vignerons Buzet vignes viticulteurs


We decided to found our business strategy on the 3 pillars of sustainable development: economic, social, and environmental. Every investment decision strives to respect the balance between these 3 pillars.


We obtained the ISO 14001 voluntary international environmental standard.

vignerons Buzet ISO 14001 logo
vignerons Buzet Afaq 26000 maturité


We obtained the “confirmed” level, the 3rd out of the 4 levels on the AFNOR scale: assessment of the ISO 26000 international standard relating to corporate social responsibility. Publication of our first Sustainable Development report.


The little owl is a protected species that finds refuge in our vineyards. It appears, along with other rare, protected species, in the 1st fauna and flora census carried out on our Domaine de Gueyze in collaboration with the Sepanlog environmental association.

vignerons Buzet chouette biodiversité vignoble
vignerons Buzet logo


We published our 2nd Sustainable Development report and introduced a new visual identity based on the “S’engager autrement” (new commitments) slogan, which puts our commitment and actions into words.


We were the 2nd French food company to achieve the highest possible level of Afaq 26000 certification: the “exemplary” level on the Afnor scale, the assessment of the ISO 26000 international standard for corporate social responsibility. Publication of our 3rd Sustainable Development report.

vignerons Buzet Afaq 26000 exemplaire 2014
vignerons Buzet ruches biodiversité 2015


4 of our wines were certified “Bee Friendly“: Château de Gueyze, Domaine de Brazalem, Château de Bouchet and Château de Padère. As bees are an invaluable indicator of biodiversity and our environmental footprint, hives were set up in our Domaine de Gueyze. Our initiatives to encourage clean viticulture obtained tangible results: 48 new species have been spotted by naturalists from the SEPANLOG environmental association. Les Vignerons de Buzet also committed itself to the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) procedure, a model for industrial excellence..


We were awarded the “Prix Usine Alimentaire Durable” (sustainable food processing plant prize). We obtained the dual Equality-Diversity mark, attesting to our fair and impartial management of human resources..
Please see our 4th Sustainable Development report

vignerons Buzet usine alimentaire durable 2016
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